Spring 2003

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Playcrafters’ annual meeting was held on February 2, 2003 at the Brown Building in Bellport. Among the various activities, was a review by President Ted Fleissgarten of the proud accomplishments of 2002.
Outgoing board members (Bill Love, Matt Palace, and Joe Skelly) were thanked for their terms of service while new members ( Kathy Loizides, Nick Sana, and Dorry Tooker) were voted in and installed. A good time was had by all.



During the first monthly meeting of the new board members the following officers were chosen:

President: Desmond Burke
Vice President: Kathy Loizides
Treasurer: Michele DePalo
Secretary: Dorry Tooker

Rounding out the rest of the Board are:

            Ted Fleissgarten
            Brian Hannon
            John Hannon
            Kathie Gualtieri
            and Nick Sanna. 

Committee heads were also established for many "behind the scenes " activities to manage: Playbill Ad Sales, Grant Applications, Inventory Control, Membership, Newsletter, Play Reading Research, Scholarship Awards, Social Activities, Communications and Correspondence.

For all questions and comments please use our general Playcrafters phone number 631-748-7863.


In honor of Richard Rodgers' 100th birthday Playcrafters is proud to present its spring musical revue "Rodgers and Hart: A Celebration" which brings together 60 of their most beloved songs.

PLAYCRAFTERS will be performing "Rodgers and Hart: A Celebration" on May 9, 10, 16 and 17 at 8:00 p.m. We have heard many members express an interest in matinee performances and so we’ve added one just for you on Saturday May 17 at 2:00 p.m. (You see, we do listen). All shows will be performed at the Bellport Middle School, Kreamer Street, Bellport.

Ticket donations are $15.00 for adults and $12.00 for students and senior citizens. Group rates are also available. Tickets may be reserved by phone at (631) 748-7863 or they may be purchased at the door prior to each performance.

"Rodgers and Hart" is being directed by Ted Fleissgarten and produced by John Hannon, assisted by Des Burke. Peter Morrison is providing the musical direction. The choreography is being staged by Julie Raroha. Set design and construction is being headed by Michael Mullaney. Kathy Loizides and Chrisa Burke are coordinating costumes and Joe Skelly will provide the needed atmosphere with his lighting. The talented cast consists of Ted Fleissgarten as the narrator, with Sue Jarema, Kaitlyn Lewis, Jonathan Matthews, Jennifer Merritt, Hwasoon Mullaney, Bill Rudock, Nick Sanna and Greg Sixt singing and dancing to 61 fabulous songs.

More About Richard Rodgers

The year 2002 marked the centennial of the birth of Richard Rodgers, of America's most gifted and prolific composers. His collaboration with lyricist Oscar Hammerstein in the 1940's and 1950's changed the face of the American musical and produced some of the most memorable songs of 20th century music. But an earlier generation remembers a very productive life for Richard Rodgers before Oscar Hammerstein, namely with his first major collaborator, Lorenz Hart.

It was a 16 year old Rodgers being introduced to a 23 year old Larry Hart that started the ball rolling on one of the most influential partnerships in Broadway musical history. A collaboration that lasted for 25 years and produced some of the most beautiful show tunes ever written. Romantic songs such as "Falling in Love with Love", "Where or When", "With a Song in my Heart", "My Romance", "There's a Small Hotel" and "I Married an Angel" that amply show the range of Rodgers musical prowess. And witty songs such as "To Keep my Love Alive", "It's a Lovely Day for a Murder", "Manhattan", "The Lady is a Tramp" and the show-stopper "Johnny One Note" that display how deftly Hart could turn a phrase.


This fall, our own Jim Parise will direct Michael Jacobs' "Cheaters" in which three couple wrestle with the problems of fidelity, marriage and relationships, and the ironic twists that will make you both laugh and think. Stay tuned for more details in our next newsletter.