FALL 2006

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Playcrafter's Fall Musical, DAMN YANKEES, relates the adventures of Joe Boyd, a middle aged baseball fan who makes a deal with the devil to trade his soul for a major league career. He leaves his wife and middle class existence to chase this elusive dream. He soon discovers the true cost of his new life. The score, which includes such musical theater standards as HEART, WHATEVER LOLA WANTS, and SHOELESS JOE FROM HANNIBAL, MO. is one of the most successful Broadway scores and DAMN YANKEES is a great national entertainment. It is packed with power all the way down the line. Here's a pennant winner, a real champ!

The cast includes four board members, Peter Morrison as Joe Boyd, Linda Hillman as Meg Boyd, Amelia Chiaramonte as Lola, and Bill Rudock as Van Buren. Ray Gobes, Jr.is Mr. Applegate, Michael De Persio, Joe Hardy and Janet Bossong is Gloria Thorpe. A wonderful supporting cast, Lawrence Boddy, Ralph D,Ambrose, Waverly Monroe, Dan Love, John Simpson, Bill Love, Walter Beck, Scott Munson and Jennifer Sosna and to add to the fun, fans from the Middle School Music Program join the cast to produce a real winner. Don't miss this terrific show.


Singles Night, a great success with the last show will be offered again on the first Friday, November 3. $3.00 off the regular ticket price ($15.00), paid in advance. Make the checks out to Playcrafters and Mail c/o Chiaramonte,15 Hawkins Lane, Brookhaven-11719. Meet and greet at Painter's at 6:00 p.m., have a snack, and enjoy an evening of good theater and good friends. Any questions, call Lola Chiaramonte at 286-0962.

The Annual Meeting will be Saturday, February 10 at the Brown Building from 3 to 6. Save the date.

George Loizides has agreed to direct a reading in the early winter. Information will follow as to the dates for the production and so on. Watch for it in the next newsletter.

Playcrafters Summer Outing was to a L. I. Ducks Game on August 2 at Citibank Park. We thank Dick Westhoff for having such a good idea and chairing the event. We had a terrific time!


We need some help . No experience necessary-ushers, stage crew-very light work, props, even lighter work, candy sellers, costume helpers. Please give a hand, couple of hours. It really takes a village to put on a show. Call 286-1136 anytime. We'll train.


Playcrafters, an amateur theatrical group formed in l959 with a sustaining membership of 40, not all players, directs, paints scenery, maintains properties and creates everything going into a performance, with dues $3 per single person or $5 a couple

See you in November at our Theater Space enjoying the show with HEART.