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Night of the Iguana

Playcrafters will present Tennessee Williams’ classic The Night of the Iguana at the Bellport Community Center on January 20, 21, 27, and 28 at 8:00 PM.  This powerful drama, ably directed by George Loizides and produced by Geri Skelly, will star Phil Eberhardt, Bob Kaplan, Kathryn Lerner, George Loizides, Jane Maushay, Claire Parrella-Curran, Brian Raber, Vincent Rasulo, and Mary-Alyce Vienneau.  Suggested donation for tickets is $18, or $15 for seniors/students.

Defrocked minister T. Lawrence Shannon now scrapes out a living as a tour guide in 1940’s Mexico. On the verge of a mental collapse, he abducts his tour group to a crumbling Pacific seaside hotel on the edge of the jungle. As a fierce tropical storm rolls in, Shannon must wrestle with the passions of the women around him - the wrath of a Texas school teacher, the advances of a lustful teenager and the jealousies of the widowed hotel owner, as he seeks solace with a new arrival, a gentle spinster traveling with her grandfather, the world’s oldest living poet.

Annual Meeting

The 2012 annual meeting of Playcrafters will be held on Sunday January 22 at the Brown Building on Bell Street, from 2:00 to 5:00 PM.  Members planning to attend the meeting are asked to bring an appetizer to share. Playcrafters will provide beverages (soda, wine, coffee) and desserts.  We are looking forward to seeing all of Playcrafters’ friends there.

The nominating committee consisting of board members Bree Nurnberger (chair) and Jane Love, and members Michele DePalo, Judy Perfido and Bob Kinsey selected the following nominees for new board positions:  Des Burke, Vicki Fleming and Kathy Loizides.  These are all veteran board members, and we know their contributions will be most welcome.  They will replace outgoing board members Bree Nurnberger, John Simpson and Lester Sprague, whose services have been much appreciated during their terms.

Playcrafters Performance Venues

Last year the South Country School District retired the 270-seat auditorium at the Bellport Middle School that Playcrafters had been using for the last 30 years or so, and replaced it with a modern much larger 700+ seat auditorium.  Though it is beautiful and state-of-the-art, the new auditorium is far too large for the size audiences that Playcrafters usually attracts.  Since then, Playcrafters has been using the Community Hall at Christ Episcopal Church (An Evening of Comedy), and the Bellport Community Center (Steel Magnolias, Once In a Lifetime, The Night of the Iguana).  While the Community Center at least has a proper stage, it is sorely lacking in other respects such as facilities for lighting, sound, rigging, electrical circuits and dressing rooms, and is in considerable disrepair to the extent that it is a major challenge for the village.

Playcrafters has recently received a proposal from the Boys and Girls Club of Bellport. This organization is currently constructing an expansive new building on Atlantic Avenue, with a large, modern auditorium.  The Boys and Girls Club has offered to provide Playcrafters with privileged access to this auditorium for our productions, in exchange for our technical expertise and assistance in outfitting the auditorium with lighting, sound, and other features appropriate for a performance venue, as well as agreeing to present our productions there.  The Board of Directors is considering this proposal very seriously, since it addresses some of our most urgent needs, as well as providing something we have longed for during much of our 50+ year history, a proper home to call our own.

We expect to discuss this proposal at our Annual Meeting, and welcome all members to express their opinions.

Once In a Lifetime

George Loizides directed a semi-staged concert reading of Kaufman and Hart’s hilariously zany 1930 comedy Once In a Lifetime, performed on September 16 and 17 at the Bellport Community Center. This fast paced wild romp, a marvelous spoof of tinsel town, featured more than 20 actors interpreting over 50 roles, as well as a multi-media presentation of historical photographs, and entertained large audiences on both nights.  Congratulations to all who contributed to this successful revival of an old classic.

 Inventory Committee

Christ Episcopal Church has long provided space in their attic for Playcrafters to store costumes and properties, and recently provided some additional space in their basement for storage of set components such as flats and platforms, once it was no longer possible to continue storing these items in the Bellport Middle School.  Playcrafters is deeply grateful for this hospitality from Christ Church.  A substantial committee of volunteers recently undertook a long overdue cleanup of the items we had stored in the attic – sorting, discarding and ordering as needed, and sprucing up the storage area. The organization expresses its gratitude to all those members who helped in this cleanup.