A Christmas Carol – 1986

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Program Cover



Adapted By by: Roger J Shiera

Music Composed, Adapted And Performed By by: Geoff Giannotti

Directed by: James Giattino

Produced by: Catherine Schiera

Musically Directed by: Geoff Giannotti


Narrator: John F, Hayter, Jr.

Scrooge: Bill Lutz

Bob Cratchit: Pat Gubbins

Collector: Otto Schultz

Fred: Steven Forster

Marley: Ted Fleissgarten

Ghost Of Christmas Past: Ross Federico

Fezziwig: Hugo Giannotti

Belle: Julie Ann Willis

Young Scrooge: Rob Horton

Ghost Of Christmas Past: Ron Silber

Mrs. Cratchit: Sally Munson

Peter Cratchit: Jonathan Taylor

Kari Cratchit: Kari Dallin

Sarah Cratchit: Sarah Hannon

Christopher Cratchit: Christopher Schiera

Martha Cratchit: Lisa Balestracci

Tiny Tim: Christopher Mordente

Alice: Cathy Schiera

Topper: Ted Fleissgarten

Party Guest: Nanct Best

Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come: John F. Hayter, Jr.

1st Businessman: Otto Schultz

2nd Businessman: Ross Federico

Pawnbroker: Rob Horton

Charwoman: Melinda Reich

Laundress: Nancy Best


Stage Manager: Judy Perfido

Asst To Director: Melinda Reich

Lighting: *Joe Skelly, Ward Gualtieri

Set Design: *Brian Hannon, Phil Munson, Scott Munson, Richard Dallin, Bill Love, Nick DePalo, Roger Schiera, Bill Reynolds

Set Decoration: *Brian Hannon, Patsy Schiatta, Alice Ranttle

Properties: Annette Maillard, Barbara Chadakoff, Jeff Dallin, Chris Hannon

Sound Production: Curtis Ewing

Costumes: Jane Love, Jane Striebel

Makup: Kathy Gualtieri, Joe Panerello

Sign,Poster,Program_Cover: Brian Hannon

Program: Michele DePalo, Sally Munson, Cathy Schiera

Publicity: Michele DePalo

Sign: Brian Hannon

Photography: Bill Rudock, Barbara Chadakoff

House: Mary Anderson, Pam Hannon, Kathy Dallin, Shelley Silber

Lobby Display: Pam Hannon, Kathy Dallin

* Denotes chairperson or designer