A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum – 1985

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Program Cover



Music & Lyrics by: Stephen Sondheim

Book by: Larry Gelbart & Burt Shevelove

Directed by: Cathy Schiera & Scott Munson

Produced by: Brian Hannon

Musically Directed by: Ray Rueger


Prologus: Pseudolus/Senex

Senex: Phil Munson

Domina: Annette Iacono

Hero: Matthew Senese

Hysterium: Pat Gubbins

Pseudolus: Bill Love

Erronius: Ross Federico

Miles Gloriosus: Ted Fleissgarten

Lycus: Michael Cariola

Tintinabula: Gloria Muller

Panacea: Laurel Whitaker

The Gemionae: Annette Maillard & Amelia Chiaramonte

Vibrata: Julie-Ann Willus

Dementia: June Love

Gymnasia: Kathy Ljungqvist

Philia: Pamela Hannon

The Proteans: Joe Harder & Lou Barbera


Stage Manager: Judy Perfido

Lighting: Joseph Skelly*, Joey Skelly

Set Design: Vance Russell

Set Construction: Roger Schiera, Richard Dallin, Nick DePalo, Paul Warner, Michael Mullaney, Richard Rieb, Christopher Hannon, Vance Russell, Brian Hannon, Laura Schiro

Set Decoration: Brian Hannon, Vance Russel, Kathleen Dallin, Laurie Fosmire, Hwasoon Mullaney, Judy Perfido, Alice Whidden, Patsy Schiata, Michele DePalo

Properties: Laurie Fosmire, Dorry Tooker. Pat Corn, Liz Skelly

Makeup: Kathy Hannon, Michele DePalo

Costume Design & Construction: Jane Striebel, John Stribel

Photographers: Roger Schiera, Brian Hannon, Michele DePalo

Poster & Pgm Cover: Brian Hannon

Program: Brian Hannon, Michelle DePalo, Phil Munson, Adriennee Usher, Mary Anderson

Sign: Brian Hannon

Tickets: Adrienne Usher, Melinda Warner, Laura Schiro

Ad Sales: Phil Munson, Brian Hannon, Cathy Schiera, Judy Perfido, Sally Munson, Michele DePalo, Scott Munson

House: Sally Munson, Patty Munson

Lobby Display: Sally Munson

Publicity: Michele DePalo

Rehearsal Accompanists: Maurice Kemp, James Ahrend, Kathryn Gould

* Denotes chairperson or designer


Conductor: Ray Rueger

Piano: Maurice Kemp

Bass: Harry Shehan

Percussion: Chris Bergskaug