A Shot In The Dark - 1964 - Bellport Playcrafters

A Shot In The Dark – 1964

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Program Cover



Adapted by: Harry Kurnitz

From by: Michael Achard

Directed by: Hugh Mercer

Produced by: Peggy Suydam


Paul Sevigne: William Goelz

Morestan: Tony Hitchcock

Lablache: George Cox

Antoinette Sevigne: Ruth Reynolds

Josefa Lentenay: Kathy Brennan

Dominique Beaurevers: Joel Cummings

Benjamin Beaurevers: John Binnington


Stage Manager: Luella Zavesky

Scenery: Sue Chrien

Scenery Construction: William Reynolds*, William Bianchi

Scenery Painting: Sue Chrien*, Bob Chrien Jr., Bob Di Dio, Billy Mirabelli, Chris Mirabelli, Allan Pearsall, Jacqueline Wood

Lighting: Charles Zavesky

Properties: Dufy Brown*, Emma Coz, Nancy Ljungqvist, Dorothy Martin

Makeup: Betty Rauch*, Elaine Hendrie, Eleanor Mahoney

Costumes: Peggy Suydam

Publicity: Margaret Warner*, Charlotte Record

Program: Martha Denes

Cover & Design: Judy Hitchcock

Tickets: Helen Maust

Prompter: Lynn MacLeod

Photographer : Marshall Bull

House Manager: Charlotte Overton

* Denotes chairperson or designer