Prelude To A Kiss - 1998 - Bellport Playcrafters

Prelude To A Kiss – 1998

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Program Cover



Written by: Craig Lucas

Directed by: Bob Maletta

Produced by: Kathy Loizides & Barbara Allen


Peter: Jason Dunne

Taylor: Norm Isaksson

Rita: Laura Adell

Tom: Matt Palace

Mrs. Boyle: Christine Mohanty

Dr. Boyle: Stephen Grossman

Minister: Bryan Greifinger

Aunt Dorothy: Rosemary Flanagan

Uncle Fred: Cornelius Redmond

Old Man: George Loizides

Jamaican Waiter: George R. Eleazer III

Leah: Gail Engelschjon


Stage Manager: Matt Palace

Set Design: Bob Maletta

Set Construction: Dennis Conroy, Santo Dinaro, Fran Fosmire, George Loizides, Jack Walker

Set Decoration: Rosa Faulisi, Barbara Allen, Kathy Loizides

Lighting: Joseph Skelly*, V.J. Carnevale

Costumes & Design: Chrisa Burke

Makeup: Geri D'amico

Ticket Sales: Ted Fleissgarten

Publicity: Ted Fleissgarten

Poster & Playbill: Michele DePalo

House/Concession: Barbara Mordente, Cheryl Sica

Ushers: Playcrafters Board Members

Lobby Display: Barbara Allen, Michele DePalo, Kathy Loizides

Billboard: Michael Mullaney

Videotaping: Gary Sica

Photography: Chrisa Burke, Bill Rudock

Sound Design: Desmond Burke

* Denotes chairperson or designer