Radio Show – The Topaz Flower – 2019

Playcrafters Theatre Company partnered with for an “Old Time Radio Show."  Listen to your Playcrafters perform re-enactments of The Topaz Flower.

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Playcrafters Theatre Company returns to the “mystery” genre in our 4th presentation for South Country Radio.

A murdered man’s Topaz jewelry is missing but turns up the next day in a pawn shop. The Topaz Flower by Charlotte M. Russell is the exciting whodunit story of a flower that was plucked by the hand of death… Harry Sloane is discovered murdered in his home. He’d been drinking in his locked room with someone who shot him with a silencer revolver and stole a family heirloom, a cluster of jewels known as the Topaz Flower.

Originally presented by Doubleday’s Crime Club Series, “The Topaz Flower” aired on April 24, 1947. * This production of “The Topaz Flower” is an interpretation of the original material produced and aired in 1947 which is in the public domain.

Radio Announcer
: Dan Love
Librarian/Captain: Carl DiModugno
Wally: George Loizides
Natalie: Jean Rico
Bower: Ted Fleissgarten
Maria: Jane Hayes
Raymond: Mario D’Amore
Clarinda: Jane Love
Bannister: Peter Morrison
Jarboe: Vincent Rasulo
Mrs. Crawley: Claire-Parrella Curran

DIRECTOR/PRODUCER: Amelia Chiaramonte
RECORDING: Larry Sribnick
MUSIC/SOUND: Jack Walker