Shoestring Potpourri – 1968

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Jack Palace – Master of Ceremonies
Dick Baldwin
Margery Binnington
Betty Bishop
Louis Cardamone
Frank Castellano
Marion Czaja
Tucky Demarest
Anthony di Dio
Robert Edwards
Tom Feeney
Charlie Gould
Eleanore Gould
Carol Hahnl
Marie LaPlaca
Boris Lomonosoff
Ellie Mahoney
Betty Palace
Mike Palladino
Joe Panerello
William Patanjo
Roy Raines
Anthony Regalmuto
Diane Roe
Walter Roe
Wally Ross
Dorsey Smith
Hunter Smith
Margy Smith
Fred Stella
Joe Strang
Claudia Sykes
Ernie Sykes
June Tiffany
Charlie Zavesky
Lu Zavesky
Phil Zimmerman
CHORUS – Ellie Mahoney, Claudia Sykes, Carol Hahnl, June Tiffany, Marie LaPlaca, Joe Strang, Tucky Damarest, Margery Binnongton, Charlie Gould, Charlie Zavesky, Joe Panerello, Mike Palladino
PIANO – Bill Covell


Production Team

Director Ross Federico
Margy Smith
Stage Manager
 Lillian Regalmuto
Vocal Coach Walter Ebersole
Special Staging Assistance Elaine Palevsky
Lighting  Wes Springboro
Props  Marie Young
Ethel Palladino
 Lyllis Adams
Publicity  Betty Simmons
Cover Design, Posters Emily Czaja
Helen Holland
House  Karen Smith
Tickets  Eleanore Gould